® Formants Tracker

Research and Development

  • Title: Formants Tracker
  • Sub Title: A Viterbi algorithm for tracking formants in speech
  • Autor: Greg Beller
  • Signal Processing, Speech Analysis
  • Development made in 2007

We present a new algorithm called formant-Viterbi which allots to each formant, one pole’s candidates, without an a priori on its frequential area, and which simultaneously takes into ac- count a constraint of continuity on the formant trajectories.


Refer to PhD dissertation and on the articles about the articulation degree

  • [Beller08a] Beller, G., Obin, N., Rodet, X., « Articulation Degree as a Prosodic Dimension of Expressive Speech », Speech Prosody 2008, campinas, 2008