℗ In-vivo théâtre 2012

Experimental Theater, Education

  • Title: In-vivo théâtre 2012
  • Subtitles: Nous les Vagues, Mini Fairy Queen, La Nuit Tombe, Mars-Watchers, Bedroom Eyes
  • Theater Academy, Experimental theater
  • Directors:  L. Lagarde, G. Vincent, E. Rousset, M. Roy et C. Teste
  • Collaboration: Research, Development, Computer Music Design, Education, Sound Design
  • World Premiere: Manifeste 2012, CentQuatre/Bouffes du Nord, Paris, 27-29 Juin 2012
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In Vivo Théâtre par Ircam-CGP

“In-vivo théâtre 2012” is a laboratory of research and experiment around the sound for the theater. This edition bases on a partnership between the IRCAM and the Comedy of Reims, supervised by Ludovic Lagarde. Five theater directors, Emilie Rousset, Matthieu Roy, Cyril Teste, Guillaume Vincent and Ludovic Lagarde, accompanied with their teams consisted of comedians and sound creators, develop innovative projects, by helps Computer Music Designer of the IRCAM, Greg Beller, Thomas Goepfer and Olivier Pasquet. The themes of exploration are in narrow link with the scientific research and the problems of the theater concerning the voice, the music, the space and the sound generally. While sharing all this project, I focused on Nous les Vagues, where many innovations have been designed for.