℗ Air Sampling #002

Performance, improvisation

  • Title: Air Sampling #002
  • Type: Performance, improvisation, air sampling
  • Concept and Design: Greg Beller
  • With: Lin Chen – percussion and Greg Beller – soundspace VR
  • Recording: Taizhi Shao / Das Studio (photo and video credits)
  • Duration: 12min
  • World Premiere: Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg, 13 June 2022
  • Production: The office for problematic composition

Multimedia takes the risk

The office for problematic composition is an association of multimedia composers and video artists. Taking risks and trying them out, as well as putting the experiment central to the ensemble is an obligation for all its members.

Air sampling is a series of improvised performances in which a sound source is sampled and distributed in space in real time.

In this first performance #002, the sound source is given by Lin Chen to percussion and voice. Greg Beller, playing with the instruments Sound Space, Spatial Trigger and Spatial Looper, records and spreads the samples in space with an Oculus Quest 2. Then he plays them in an improvised musical choreography, making with Lin Chen a double set.