℗ Yohkoh

Contemporary Music, Hörspiel

To listen to Yohkoh, find a quiet place, put your earphones, switch off the light, and let it go.

Yohkoh means ray of sunshine in Japanese. Yohkoh is the music of the life of a photon. Born at the heart of the sun, the nuclear fusion makes it bounce from atoms of helium in atoms of hydrogen. After the radiative and convective zones, the photosphere and the chromosphere, it is expelled from its native sun by a coronal mass ejection. Quickly leaving the solar system, it will cross other galaxies until be snatched by a black hole. Then…

For bringing the sensation of the speed, I created a “spiral synthesizer” the parameters of which are controlled by the motion of the body. The hands control the aphelia, the center and the speed of each spiral, but also some timbre parameters. So the interactive part of the composition is inside the making of the piece.

Yohkoh has been premiered in the total darkness of the dome of the Planetarium.

Yohkoh is available in 6.2, 5.1 and binaural stereo version (with a better quality than this youtube preview).