℗ Noisy Channels

Contemporary Dance

  • Title: Noisy Channels
  • Concept: Liz Santoro & Pierre Godard
  • Collaboration: Music Composition – Sound Design – Computer Music Design
  • Duration: ~50mn
  • For: Three Dancers
  • With Matthieu Barbin, Jacquelyn Elder, and Cynthia Koppe
  • Production · BureauProduire / Claire Guièze and Cédric Andrieux
  • World Premiere: Péniche La PoP, Paris, the 6th, 7th and 8th of March 2018

When Maps was created in 2017, a strange controversy confronted the team, a problem of steps and time. Half of the dancers placed the “one” on the beat, like classical musicians, and the others on the upbeat, like jazz musicians. This difference, which was impossible for the performers to move beyond because it affected all aspects of their ability to design and then carry out their movements, is the starting point for Noisy Channels. This situation – paradoxical if ever there was one – led us to invest, from a textual point of view and through the previously recorded voices of the dancers, in the material of paradoxes. The mechanics of paradox is to go against common sense, to bring to light the complexity of reality, to give us the experience of the limit of what we are capable of conceiving, to open the possibility of a new exploration. With this trio, by exchanging between three different ways of counting from 1 to 3 on a beat, the dancers deepen a link between movement and text, based on the musicality of the voice and their ability to listen to each other through voice and body.

Co-production of CDCN / Atelier de Paris and La Pop

Le principe d’incertitude / Liz Santoro & Pierre Godard are associated artists at CDCN Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson.