® Spatial Sampler XR

Innovation, Research, Composition

  • Title: Spatial Sampler XR
  • Part of the Synekine Project
  • Concept & Design: Greg Beller
  • Partners: HfMT Hamburg, Innolab, LIGETI Zentrum, Stage 2.0, KiSS Program
  • First release: 12th of June 2022

Spatial Sampler XR is an extension of the instrument series of the Synekine Project. In the same way that a sampler is an empty keyboard that is filled with sounds, Spatial Sampler XR uses gesture capture to transform the surrounding physical space into a key zone for indexing, placing and replaying samples. With Spatial Sampler XR, the musician spreads sound around him/her through gesture, creating a spatialized and interactive sound scene. Movement links time (sound) and space. This makes Spatial Sampler XR suitable for movement artists as well, and for various applications.

The Spatial Sampler XR adds to the Sound Space the possibility to visualise sounds in mixed reality. The 3D immersion greatly facilitates the organisation of the sounds and increases the precision of the interaction. Several playing modes are possible, the Sound Space, the Spatial Trigger and the Spatial Looper. The interaction modalities also vary according to the type of performance, in solo, duo or with several people. This article first presents the Synekine Project from which the concept of Spatial Sampling is derived. Then he exposes and compares the different technical devices that have been elaborated in the framework of this artistic research to arrive at its current state. The technical configuration set up to use the Spatial Sampler XR is presented. The different playing modes are explained. Finally, examples of performative situations allow a look at this new musical instrument.