℗ Fissures

Contemporary Theater

  • Title: Fissures
  • Direction and music : Greg Beller et Richard Dubelski
  • Livret and performance : Richard Dubelski
  • Sound and interaction : Greg Beller
  • Video, lights and scenography : Yann Philippe
  • Duration:  50min
  • World Premiere: Paris, Péniche Opéra, 18th of May 2015
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” The memory is elusive and selective,
[…] it produces what it chooses.”
Aharon Appelfeld

Fissures is an augmented musical theater solo that includes Babil-on and some innovations from The Synekine Project.

At a table of café, a man does not know any more why he is there to be waited, nor who he waits… His memory cracks, and he wonders what are the memories which belong to him. He tries then to approach the memory of the world and the beginnings of the language… A music of the voice, the gesture, the rhythm and the word, mixing the organic and the electronics, and in which the video plays a counterpoint.

Production : Cie Corps à Sons, The Synekine Project, La Péniche Opéra, IRCAM, SCENE44, Anis-Gras

Research and Production residencies : IRCAM PRRM 2014 Paris, SCENE44 • n + n Corsino, Marseille, Anis Gras, Arcueil

Full video available