Musique des sphères @ #HISAChallenge

Musique des sphères featuring BORDER for #HISAChallenge


“This artwork was created as a submission to the Humans in Space Art Challenge supported by NASA and USRA

Artist / Art director: Sophie POUILLE

Text: Aurélien Barrau…

Music: Gregory BELLER


Pixel Revenge: David Coiffier

Studio Fond Vert: Alban Delacour

Pagès Films

– – –

Since three years, I am working on paintings, sculptures and videos that bring to our mind a schematic, architectural, geographical, mineral and biological vocabulary. I truly do not want spectators to know exactly what they are watching, in order to raise
their questions and their interest.
Through my different projects, I am always trying to highlight the beauty of the shapes, which are unmasking while we observe them.
Fascinated by astrophysics, the NASA’s photographs had reinforced my attraction for Nature mysteries.

«Border» is a video creation which plays with our perception.
Although the different elements filmed are actually rather small, they enable the audience to imagine huge phenomenon. This ambivalence takes a really important role in all my conceptions.

“Border” is an original creation elaborated to illustrate the NASA’s and USRA’s call for projects.
We wanted to evocate, in an abstract way, the shift in perception that affects the orbiting station team, such as their perception of the distance from Earth, or of the weightlessness, or even of the organisation of each day spent in space, punctuated with several sunrises and sunsets.

The International Space Station (ISS) is also a place for scientific experiences. Through a meticulous choice of materials, and the specific pace of the video, we tried to enhance this vibrant and single site.