℗ Bassin des constrictives


  • Title: Bassin des constrictives
  • Type: Interactive Installation
  • Designers: Greg Beller and Norbert Godon
  • World Premiere: “Formes Elémentaires – Mouvements et Géométrie de la Pensée” exhibition, Guyancourt, France, 10th of October – 1st of December 2013
  • Exhibition: “Cabinet psychophonétique”, Galerie Jeune Création, 24 Rue Berthe, Paris, France, 30th of January – 29th of March 2014
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Bassin des constrictives is an interactive installation playing with the concept of psycho-phonetic synaesthesia. Norbert Godon and me made a huge review on the literature about synaesthesia. Especially on the point of view of speech. We tried to illustrate some of our findings into this installation that proposes to the audience to activate a ferrofluid with the sound of the voice.

First, we worked on a constrictive recognition system able to discriminate fricatives (sibilants and Palato-alveolar fricatives) from other sounds and to estimate the degree of constriction in real time. Then we mapped this degree of constriction to an magnetic field using an electromagnet. Finally, the electromagnet excited a ferrofluid making nice little spades, the number of which depends of the degree of constriction.

bassin des constrictives2