℗ Il y a

Contemporary Music, Installation

  • Title : Il y a
  • Composer : Jacques Lenot
  • Composition date : 2008-2009
  • Duration: 1 h
  • Collaboration: Computer Music Design
  • Laptop piece: Virtual orchestra of 84 spatialized voices and mecanics
  • World Premiere: 29 september 2009, Paris, église Saint-Eustache, Festival D’Automne
  • http://brahms.ircam.fr/works/work/25340/
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Listen to a concert excerpt:

Il y a is the first collaboration of J.Lenot with IRCAM. 84 virtual instruments and synthetical bells are spatialized in a church. Here is an example of how these bells sound like.

Performance was all about mixing this voices together with some special effects. I develop a harmonic persistent reverberation to play with sustainable partials.

In addition, we made Il y a instants, a set of excerpts of il y a that were played automatically in the church during 10 days.