Installation, performance, innovation

  • Concept & Design : Greg Beller
  • Performers : Richard Dubelski, Jean Charles Gaume and Stéfany Ganachaud
  • Video Design : Yann Philipe
  • Developers : Yann Philipe, Greg Beller
  • Associated developers : Jules Françoise, Samuel Toulouse
  • Hardware developer : Emmanuel Flety
  • Associated artist : Norbert Godon
  • Production: Synekine ProjectFormes ElémentairesScene 44
  • Partners: IRCAM-CNRS, Scene 44, Ubris Studio, LMA-CNRS, GMEM
  • Residencies: IRCAM PRRM 2014, Paris; scene44 • N+N Corsino, Marseille.
  • Premiere: 6pm, the 9th of October 2014 @ Scene 44, Marseille, France.
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TIIIME is a show-installation questioning our perception of time. Behind an apparent obviousness, time covers a complexity, whose different concepts clash in paradoxes. For example, the more we care about time passing, the less it passes! Time is the only thing we share with everyone, now. However, we all have a personal and singular experience of it. There is no consensual definition of time. The absence of a sensory organ leads each of us to build his own scale.

Three performers play with gestural, sound, visual and temporal mirror effects in an apparent collective improvisation. Ephemeral solos appear however as composed and evanescent forms around temporal themes: Perception, movement, memory…. Thus arises, for example, the figure of Kent Cochrane, the most famous amnesiac in history, who disappeared in 2014, paradoxically taking with him an enormous amount of knowledge about memory… The audience, wandering around the three performers, composes the temporal framework of its own show. On the wall, a clock moves forward more or less quickly, generating a subtle variation of our sensation of duration…

TIIIME benefits from a residency in the context of the Synekine Project.