℗ Tiiime

Installation, performance, innovation

  • Concept & Design : Greg Beller
  • Performers : Richard Dubelski and Jean Charles Gaume
  • Video Design : Yann Philipe
  • Developers : Yann Philipe, Greg Beller
  • Associated developers : Jules Françoise, Samuel Toulouse
  • Hardware developer : Emmanuel Flety
  • Associated artist : Norbert Godon
  • Production: Synekine ProjectFormes ElémentairesScene 44
  • Partners: IRCAM-CNRS, Scene 44, Ubris Studio, LMA-CNRS, GMEM
  • Residencies: IRCAM PRRM 2014, Paris; scene44 • N+N Corsino, Marseille.
  • Premiere: 6pm, the 9th of October 2014 @ Scene 44, Marseille, France.
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Tiiime is the choreography of two improvisers evolving in the Sound Space together. Inside this special vibrating space, the performers start to build a collective vocal sculpture that is animated by the gesture. The performance offers the public an opportunity to listen to different aspects of the time. Tiiime benefits from a residency in the context of the Synekine Project.