℗ Air Sampling #003 – Macht Macht Macht !

Theater, performance

  • Title: Air Sampling #003 @ Macht Macht Macht, Markt der (Un)Möglichkeiten
  • Type: Artistic doctoral project
  • Concept and Direction:  Elise Schobeß
  • Mit: Nick Acorne, Greg Beller, Ben Boresch, Alexander Chernyshkov, Leon Daniel, Daniel Molina Eyzaguirre, Melina von Gagern, Alicia Geugelin, Sven Hartlep, Benjamin Helmer, Viola Köster, Márton Kovács, Johanna Link, Pia Preuß, Letycia Rossi, Elise Schobeß, Mirko Thiele, Stefan Troschka, Carmen Kleykens Vidal, Johanna Winkler, Ron Zimmering
  • Performance:
  • Premiere: Samstag, 29.04. um 19 Uhr, Campus Barmbek, Wiesendamm 26, 22305 Hamburg
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MACHT MACHT MACHT is an interactive exhibition about different approaches and concepts that deal with a questioning of power structures. An arc is spanned from politics to production, from buffoonery to anarchism, from opera figure to multimedia. At a variety of stations with formats such as lecture-performance, film installation, interactive happening or live composition, there is the opportunity to watch, participate and think further.

This cabinet of curiosity is for me the opportunity to present Air Sampling #003. With the Spatial Sampler XR instrument, I record multiple voices, mine, those of the other performers as well as those of the audience and I arrange them in the space by co-improvising an audio-visual dramaturgy. Come join me in this workshop of collective deconstruction of the voice.