Greg Beller works as an artist, a researcher, a teacher and a computer designer for contemporary arts. After a PhD thesis on generative models for expressivity and their applications for speech and music, he founded the Synekine Project Company. Director of the department for Research/Creation Interfaces of IRCAM, he coordinates artists, researchers and developers in the creation, the design and the performance of artistic moments.

℗ Synekine ℗ Babil-on V2 ℗ Fissures ℗ Matières à Penser ℗ Nous ne sommes que bouche ℗ La machine à verbe ℗ Essaim des voyelles ℗ Bassin des constrictives ℗ Cabinet psycho-phonétique ℗ Sonification ℗ Musique des Sphères ℗ Babil-on ℗ Synekine Project ℗ Cantami ℗ Where am I ? ℗ The memory palace ® Augmented Drums ® Hand Sampling ® Wired Gestures ® Hyper Ball ® Sound Space ® Body Choir ℗ Cantami ℗ Where am I ? ℗ The memory palace