℗ La machine à verbe

Installation, Digital Arts

  • Title: La Machine à Verbe
  • Creators: Greg Beller and Norbert Godon
  • Collaboration: Conception, Computer Design, Sound Design
  • world premiere: Festival “Relecture 8”, Espace Khiasma, Paris, Nov 2009
  • performance: Festival “Piégés par la liberté”, Oudeïs, France, Déc 2009
  • performance: Festival “PounchD”, Lavoir Moderne Parisien, Paris, Mars 2010
  • performance: Exhibition “NUMEN”, espace CAMINO, Paris, Janvier 2011
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The Verb-Machine is an interactive installation made in collaboration with Norbert Godon.

Talking, watching, talking, watching…

Using a Speech Recognition System, the Verb-Machine deploys a series of pictures led by your words. Recognized words are triggering a thousand of pictures extracted from TV news, after falling down into an semantic array that parse meanings. Reversing usual “speech comments visual” TV news paradigm, the Verb Machine allows you for creating content out of your vocal description. Thus, visitors tend to improvise with the machine, creating new stories built in real time, just by describing what they see. Physical set-up is made of a futuristic exercise bike without pedals, so as to invite the visitor to pedal with is mouth. Several atmospheric sounds are also triggered by the recognized words. They have been emotionally categorized and related to some keywords, bringing a new score related to the pictures that are spread.


La Machine à Verbes 1/4 par MachineAVerbes

La Machine à Verbes 2/4 par MachineAVerbes

La Machine à Verbes 3/4 par MachineAVerbes

La Machine à Verbes 4/4 par MachineAVerbes