Research, Innovation

  • Name: EBMS – Emotion-Based Musical Synthesizer
  • Type: Software – Research
  • Author: Greg Beller
  • Premiere: First used in a piece of work, 2013
  • And: Used in la mélodie du bonheur, 2015

The EBMS – Emotion-Based Musical Synthesizer, generates some music, from a set of chosen emotions. It comes from the following simplistic vision: the emotional contents of a music result from a mixture of emotional basic components. this paradigm would want to be for the music, what what mixture of the colors is in the painting. Following the example of the addition of primary colors to create new colors, can we add fragments of primary emotional musics to compose ? We can ask the EBMS to generate 4 min. of music from a mixture of 71 % of fear and 29 % of anger, for instance.

starting from the state of the art on the study of the emotions in the music, and thanks to big data analysis tools, tendencies common to the sad musics or to the cheerful musics were observed. For example, the sadness is often described with the minor mode, with the slowness of the tempo or still with an instrumental low activity.

In the framework of analysis by the synthesis, that is by taking these data back to front, the EBMS generates randomly rhythms, chord sequences and melodies the emotional contents of which are in respect with the desired emotional targets.

Here are archetypes of the happiness, the sadness, the anger and the fear, establishing the primary colors of the EBMS. Then, following the example of the painter who mixes colors, the EBMS draws from these archetypes to generate a faithful score in in the desired emotional profile.

Go to la mélodie du bonheur to listen to some mixture examples.