® Expresso

Research and Development

  • Title: Expresso
  • Sub Title: System for the Transformation of the Expressivity
  • Autor: Greg Beller
  • Signal Processing, Speech Modification
  • Development made in 2009

From a technical point of view, Expresso proposes a speech processing algorithm allowing the modification of the expressivity of a neutral utterance. It presents an innovative database management system which is used, already, by some other automatic speech processing applications, requiring the manipulation of big corpus. It shows the establishment of a bayesian network as generative model of context dependent transformation parameters. From a technological point of view, Expresso is an experimental system of high quality transformation of the expressivity of a French neutral utterance, either synthetic or recorded.

Here is an example on how it sounds:

The original source utterance to be transformed…

To the boreness…

To the sadness…

See PhD thesis to know more…



  • [Beller10b] Beller, G., « Expresso: Transformation of Expressivity in Speech », Speech Prosody, Chicago, 2010