Composition, Sonification

Cornucopia is the result of a dialogue between painter Andreas Bausch and composer Greg Beller. Andreas’ painting technique is based on prepared scrolls that print moments of time, space and sound. Like a chronophotography of movement, rhythms of color and pattern emerge, offering a glimpse of evolution frozen in paint. There is a musicality and an acoustics inherent to each work.

From algorithms of image processing of the digitized paintings, and thanks to the development of various processes of sonification of these images, the visual data are transcoded into sound cells. For each painting, several small videos are produced in an experimental way with different processes, as many atoms {painting – process – sound}.

These atoms are then organically arranged in an electro-acoustic composition freely inspired by the painter’s work. The resulting video that accompanies the musical work is a derivative product. Like a scrolling score, it presents in sequence some of the atoms of sonification that constitute the music. Like a generative image-sound loop, it animates in return the collection of pictorial works, giving life to a cornucopia.

Cornucopia Trailer

Cornucopia is an experimental movie presenting a musical work based on Andreas Bausch’s paintings. 

Sonification is initially a transcoding process. The data obtained then flows into the development process of a self-sufficient sound work. In any case, we do not want to attempt an illustration, nor a direct interpretation of the painting: the roller writing is explicitly used here as an excellent material for idiomatic composition! The sound spectrum is complemented by some field recordings that Andreas recorded in the Cologne area. They appear as a personal handwriting and diary entry of our research work, which operates on imaginative processes. In digital hypnosis, memories of the famous area can be evoked, where, according to Greek legend, Orpheus gave life and movement to trees and rocks through the power of his song … It is at this interface of past and present that our knowledge arises, because from it sprouts the future – the flowering of meaning!