℗ Chantier 14-18

Contemporary theater, Dance

  • Title: Chantier 14-18
  • Director: François Verret
  • Collaboration: Computer Music Design, Sound Design, Composition
  • Duration: 1h
  • World Premiere: Manifeste2013, IRCAM, EsPro, 29 et 30 mai 2013
  • with: Jean Pierre Drouet, Graham Valentine, Germana Civera, Charline Grand and Jean-Christophe Paré
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In this experimental laboratory, I developed some new interactions. Using recordings of Graham Valentine’s voice, Jean-Pierre Drouet literally spoke with his hands using a zarb: Creating a augmented zarb that not only produce its own sound but also speak. Graham Valentine explored real-time choir synthesis by singing with the machine. I also recorded a huge architect’s lamp that creaks a lot and made it speaks using Norbert Schnell’s mosaicing technic. Here is how a lamp’s voice sounds like, conducted by Graham Valentine’s voice.

I also work with Jean-Christophe Paré on the sonification of his dance.