® Body Choir

Innovation, Research, Composition

  • Title: Body Choir
  • Part of the Synekine Project
  • Concept & Design: Greg Beller
  • Associated performers: Dalila Khatir, Alex Nowitz
  • Partners: IRCAM – Scene 44 – Ubris Studio – LMA – GMEM
  • First release: 21st of May 2014

Body Choir is a new musical interface that allows the user for being a choir by himself. The body postures and movement control parameter of real-time harmonizers. The body of the singer provides choir parameters such as the number of voices, the delays between voices, the man vs. female ratio, but also musical parameters, such as tonality, tension of the chord progression or directly notes of the accompaniment.

Video made @ IRCAM, Paris, France, the 21st of May 2014, with Dalila Khatir

Video made @ IRCAM, Paris, France, the 21st of October 2014, with Alex Nowitz

Special thanks

R. Dubelski, N+N Corsino, C. Béros, A. Cont, E. Flety, J. Henrot, P. Bondu, E. de Geelis, F. Bévilacqua, N. Schnell, R. Borghesi, J. Françoise, D. Schwarz, Xbox/Microsoft, Synapse, Cycling74…