℗ Air Sampling #005 – Si Xu

Performance, comprovisation

  • Title: Air Sampling #005 – Si Xu
  • Type: Performance, comprovisation, air sampling
  • Concept and Design: Greg Beller
  • With: 王燕 Wang Yan – Guzheng and Greg Beller – Spatial Sampler XR
  • Recording: ICMC2023
  • Duration: 8min
  • World Premiere: the 20th of October 2023, ICMC – The Sound of Changes, Time Capsule Space, CUHKZ, Shenzhen, China
  • Production: The Synekine Project, Stage 2.0, ligeti center, Innolab

Air sampling is a series of performances in which a sound source is sampled and distributed in space.

In this performance #005, 王燕 Wang Yan improvises on a Guzheng, a classical Chinese instrument. Playing with the new instrument Spatial Sampler XR, Greg Beller records and spreads the sound in space. Improvised musical choreography makes sound tangible, and makes it possible to touch “thoughts” – Si Xu.