℗ F0-low

Contemporary Music

  • Title: F0-low
  • Collaboration: Composition, Computer Music Design, Software development
  • World premiere: amphi X de l’université Paris VIII, St-Denis,17 Juin 2004
  • Performance: théâtre Gérard Philipe, St-Denis,18 Juin 2004
  • Duration: 10 min
  • For bass flute, accordion, cello and electronics
  • Created by Ensemble Futur-Musique
  • Download the score: F0-low – G. Beller © Greg Beller 2004

Fo-low is contemporary music piece composed for bass flute, accordion, cello and electronics. Each of the acoustic instruments masters a musical parameter of a so-called virtual meta-instrument, based on subtractive synthesis (comb filter), of which:

  • the pitch is given by the bass flute (where the name of the piece derived from)
  • the intensity is given by the cello
  • the base-spectrum is given by the accordion

A fourth amplitude modulation comes from the spatialization of  partials of the meta-instrument, since it is spread out by an octophonic loudspeakers system. The compositional space is defined by meta instrument. Every voice is thought in a way that of the combination of the three, sets up itself a virtual score: that of meta instrument.