℗ Radio Chaos

Electronic Performance

  • Genre: Performance électronique
  • Auteur:  G. Beller
  • World Premiere: La Générale, Paris, le 17 novembre 2006
  • Performance: OPA, le 12 Janvier 2007
  • Duration: 20min
  • Laptop performance

Radio chaos is an improvised piece made of radio recordings. It proposes a radio moment starting from news feeds and ending up in a mastered cacophony, by way of a phase of peaceful strain. The chaos is semantic at first because segments of words are concatenated randomly while guarding a sense of meanings. Then the words are stretched out and the voices are decomposed, giving the feeling of penetrating into a timeless tube. Finally the chaos is acoustic mixing overlappings of extracts with actors’ extracts expressing feelings. The performance shut down brutally by a last appearance of an already understood radio extract. Many processings, developped in MaxMSP-FTM, were used as the decomposition in negative matrix, for instance.